Technical document

Maximum compatibility offered by aGesic.

User APP

aGesic Mobile platform is an App to download on your phone in equipment to the operator in the field. On first access, the App requires authentication via credentials, specially created by the Corporate Dashboard. Once carried out access the App identifies the operator, monitoring its location and health status in full respect of privacy.

Android Compatibility

aGesic is compatible with all Android operating systems from version 4.4 (Kitkat) to 11.

iOS Compatibility

aGesic is compatible with all iOS operating systems from versione seven.

App activities
  • Access through Username and Password generated by the Control Panel
  • Send position
  • Send alarm
    • Manual
    • Operator immobility
    • Vocal
  • Night mode
Administrative Dashboard

The Web platform is a Web App that, in communication with the Apps supplied to the operators, detects the location and monitors the health status, receiving immediate notification of alarms in case of danger.

Supported operating systems

The Web App is compatible with the main operating systems existing: Windows, OS X, Linux and with the main browsers in use: Internet Explorer 9.0 (or sup. ), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

Administrative Dashboard functionalities

Learn how to make the most of aGesic features.

  • Sign up e First Access
  • Devices Management
    • Searching devices
    • Create groups of device
    • Path of the device
    • Setting the device
      • Personal Data
      • Pin color
      • Setting minutes of waiting in immobility state
    • On-line detection
  • Areas Management
    • Red areas
    • Green areas
    • Dynamic Green areas
    • Setting radius and name
    • Setting maximum residence time
    • Setting warning time output per operator
  • Groups management
    • Create new groups
    • Add a device to a group
    • Setting a phone number for receiving alarm sms